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Rosa Consulting Engineers, D.P.C.

Innovative, Cost-Efficient Solutions for Structural Design Projects

Rosa Consulting Engineers provides cost-efficient, innovative structural services and solutions to government agencies, contractors, developers, and architects.

We are involved in a broad spectrum of projects including rehabilitation, retrofit and new construction of transportation infrastructure, commercial structures, and provide specialty structural engineering services for major contractors in New York City and the surrounding states. 


Our services include design, analysis, investigation and studies, construction administration, peer review, and value engineering.

Through all stages of a project, clear communication, efficiency, and service

to our clients are the key elements to our firm’s continued success.


Van Wyck Expressway Queens NY_edited.jpg

Van Wyck Expressway Viaduct Rehabilitation


Bronx River Greenway Pedestrian Bridge

Over The Bronx River

63rd St Station 2nd Ave Subway Line_edited.jpg

63rd St. Station, Second Ave.

Subway Line Shoring

RFK Bridge Rehabilitation_edited.jpg

Bronx Plaza

Structure Rehabilitation at the RKF Bridge


Eastern Parkway Brooklyn Museum Subway Station Excavation


Riverside Drive Viaduct Rehabilitation Over 158th Street

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